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Activate the night mode on your smartphone and compatible apps


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Dark Mode is a useful tool that helps you activate the night mode on a smartphone that doesn't include that option in its default settings. The latest Android versions already include a dark-chromatic theme which lets you darken the interface. However, versions prior to Android Pie don't offer that possibility.

Dark Mode makes it easy to include this option to the settings layer of your Android device. Just install the app and select the night mode from the main menu. In a matter of seconds, your smartphone's menus will darken.

On the other hand, it should be emphasized that the app can work its magic on the apps installed on your smartphone that include a dark mode. However, the app only transforms those with an interface that's compatible with this customization feature.

Dark Mode is a very simple tool that you can use to install the dark mode on any terminal, even if you don't have an Android Pie or Android 10 device.
By Beatriz Escalante
How to activate night mode in your favorite Android apps

In recent months, a bunch of apps have launched a night mode or dark theme. Although it may seem like a trend, the truth is that you can prevent eye strain caused by screens by simply activating this option. It’s also been shown that applying this mode can help reduce battery consumption. In fact, if your smartphone has an OLED screen, each black pixel will turn off. Therefore, in light of all of the above (pun totally intended), we thought it was a good idea to make a list of steps on how to apply the night mode on the apps you use the most.
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Android 4.3 or greater is required.